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Kenny R. Hampton is a former pro athlete turned entrepreneur and the breakout author of "The Underdog Mentality."


He is a Detroit native whose passion about servitude has flourished into a lifestyle of sowing into the spiritual and mental growth journeys of professional athletes. 

Serving as a 13 year husband and father of two is what Hampton is proud of the most.


“I consider my home the practice field where I sharpen my leadership skills and keep my faith and family my top priority." 

“Thank you, (Kenny) for teaching the rest of us what it means to be a real winner in life."

- Harold Jones-Quartey, NFL Veteran

Sharing his personal experiences: Kenny provides spiritual guidance and mental health techniques to professional athletes at risk of self destructing. 


Kenny’s life story allows him to connect with audiences seeking greatness through pain, passion and purpose. 

  • Leadership In Togethership 

  • The Underdog Mentality Leadership Workshop(s)
  • The Power of Mentoring 


Life is full of highs and lows but many overlook the connection between the two in recognizing the hidden victories. Unseen trophies mean much more than our physical trophies - time to give them the spotlight!








“Quitting school or my league bound pursuit wasn’t an option. Kennedy’s existence motivated me to become the best version of myself.“ 


Premarital Sex

“Growing up a pastor’s kid and the oldest of four came with insurmountable pressures, standards, and responsibilities. I lived up to many and made my parents proud, but I also went from virgin to expectant father in college and faced decisions that people at such a young age aren’t truly equipped to make.“ 




“Thankfully, through faith, commitment, obedience and a strong support system, our daughter is growing up to be a bright young woman. She’s one of my shiniest trophies.“ 


“Kenny’s demonstration with Bible and prayer on the boxing gloves will stay with me forever…and I believe will stay with the kids and staff forever. 

Kenny challenged us to have practical tools and rise to fight the enemy!” 


- April Domine | Superintendant | One School 

“Kenny Hampton has exceptional talent with infectious impact on the audiences that he encounters. Everything that he puts his mind to is done with excellence. As the Pioneer of the "Togetherness", his impact will be felt in every room where he adds value.”


- Shawn T. Blanchard | Best Selling Author | Mentorship Specialist

“You have inspired me with your positive attitude and determination. You continue to raise the bar for everyone, to show people of all ages that you can turn highlights and lowlights into trophies. Thank you for teaching the rest of us what it means to be a real winner in life."


- Harold Jones-Quartey | Super Bowl Champion | NFL Veteran

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